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Data Breaches: They CAN Happen to Your Small Business

Is your business secure enough? According to Steven Musil, tech writer on CNET, hacks on businesses and government agencies ran rampant in 2014. There were more than “1,500 data breaches worldwide last year” this was about a “50% increase from 2013”. Top companies were breached—Home Depot,
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7 Benefits to using a VoIP Phone System

When it comes to running a business, the budget is always a huge factor. When looking for ways to cut cost, a great option is using a VoIP phone system versus your traditional land line. A VoIP phone is a telephone set designed specifically for use in a voice over IP (VoIP) system by converting…
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7 Big Announcements from the Mobile World Conference

Every year The Mobile World Congress (MWC) displays the largest exhibitions of smartphones, smartwatches, smart furniture, and Internet-connected everything of the year. At this year’s MWC there were 2,000 companies that attended and exhibited their latest gadgets. You would not even believe some of the new technology. There were so many big announcements from all…
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Android Permissions

Most people have smartphones for the apps. They help us do everything from keep track of time, the weather, they give us access to all the latest games, and more. We often max out our phone's storage on apps. However a word of caution. You should always check the permissions that an app requests while…
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